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Wildlife Conservation Is a Need

Wildlife Conservation is not a Cause. This is not something you decide to do or not to do. Wildlife Conservation is a Need. An urgent one. Follow our conservation adventures and take part in one of the greatest fight of our century.

Experience a True Conservation Adventure

"This is like I have been living in a lie my whole life and all the sudden, reality strikes...",

Our Promise to You: Full Disclosure

Meet us in the field or online: all successes & failures are reported in our blog section and newsletters. You are able to follow, in total transparency, where your money goes on the ground.

Be a Hero & Contribute to A Better World

Join us in our efforts to protect the Environment, conserve Wildlife, and empower Communities. Be assured your contribution will directly feed into meaningful projects and initiatives.
About Us

A non-profit organisation like no other

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The Faro Conservancy Project (TFCP) is a consortium of protected area leaseholders from Northern Cameroon, willing to reshape Wildlife Conservation in accordance with actual needs witnessed directly on the field. 

In Cameroon, our long-term monitored sanctuaries are the last refuges of a World Wildlife Heritage. Watch our video to see some of the incredible Wildlife we are fighting for. 

our current projects

be a hero & contribute to a better world

Surveillance & Anti-poaching activities

Contribute to a better landscape monitoring through adequate recruitment, training and equipment.

Because of cattle herding, poaching, diseases & other challenges, the unique West African lion is on the edge of extinction. Helps us save the remaining wild lions of Cameroon.

Some natural indigenous products have strong economic spin-offs & thus the potential to offer sustainable economic alternatives for local populations.

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