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Protect the Last wild Lions

You can contribute with a single/recurring donation, and see below examples of what your donation can buy.
Protect the last wild lions


Incursions by herdsmen & their livestock in recent years, targeted poaching for their skins and bones, and the almost always lethal distemper disease are causing the rapid disappearance of lions, which are a rare African subspecies, the Northern lion, Panthera leo leo, and are in immediate danger of extinction in Cameroon and across the rest of their range.

In 2023, less than 400 West African Lions are estimated to remain in the wild.
Our anti-poaching efforts are to address the first two causes of disappearance of lions.
In order to eradicate canine distemper and rabies, the only existing solution is to vaccinate dogs and lions again both diseases. Domestic dogs are the reservoirs, and lions are the victims and it is as much a question of public health as it is wildlife protection.

→ Gathering of all domestic dogs in each village surrounding the protected areas for systematic vaccination against rabies and distemper (and their identification by microchip). These two protocols take place simultaneously and enable an official individual census of all dogs thus identified by microchip and vaccinated (set up an official individual vaccination booklet).
→ This operation also implies the physical elimination of all unidentified stray dogs, or the relocation of these dogs after inoculation with vaccines.

→ Mandatory declaration by villagers of any reproduction of their dogs in order to carry out the same census, identification, and vaccination.
→ Sterilisation of certain dogs could also be considered in order to limit their uncontrolled proliferation.

→ Vaccination of all lions, and identification by microchip, as well as their census. These operations imply a trained team to track, capture (by dart gun), take blood samples (for antibody, scientific and health research purposes), microchip, and vaccinate against rabies & distemper.
→ Some individuals may be equipped with a transmitter collar to allow for the mapping of their movements and territorial requirements.
Single or Recurring Donation

Examples of what your donation can buy

1x Trail Camera & Security Box


Shot of Vaccine for 1x dog/lion


1x Day of Fuel


24x AA Batteries


Pair of Boots for 1x Staff


Polo-shirt for 1x Staff


Trousers for 1x Staff


1x Long Range Radio