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Digitalization of Anti-Poaching

Poachers, gold seekers, woodcutters, cattle herders and illegal fishermen all share one thing in common. When they spot our anti-poaching units, they immediately run! The dense biotope, the uneven ground caused by the bioturbation of the worms, their perfect knowledge of environment and sometimes the careful organization of the criminals, make apprehensions difficult, and sometimes hazardous.

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Wildlife Conservation is a Need

We have been descending the Ndugba river bed for more than 5 hours. The heat is unbearable and my body starts to cry out for mercy. My feet hurt, my legs, although hardened, support me only with difficulty. Breathless, my shoulder carrying my weapon throws me atrociously. However, I keep on going. Oscillating between hope and discouragement.

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The raison d’être of this blog is to provide you with a better understanding of the many facets of Wildlife Conservation. It contains stories of our victories and defeats in total transparency, multiple anecdotes about wildlife and the key players who support our values and our actions.
You will be able to follow our conservation adventures and take part in one of the greatest fight of our century.


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